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Why Work at Height Matters

Technical Part

At Work at Height, we stand as a beacon of excellence in ensuring unparalleled safety and technical proficiency for projects involving work at Height. Our dedicated team possesses an array of height safety skills, meticulously honing technical rope access skills for navigating complex environments with precision. We prioritize the implementation of cutting-edge fall protection techniques, backed by our team’s high-level technical expertise. At Work at Height, we believe in setting the industry standard for safety and skill, making us the ideal partner for projects that demand the utmost proficiency in working at heights

Type of work at height

We specialize in a comprehensive range of work-at-height services, ensuring safety and excellence in every project. Our expertise extends to precise Rope Access Services, allowing our skilled professionals to access challenging spaces with efficiency and precision. We excel in Scaffold Installation, providing robust and secure platforms for various construction and maintenance needs. Aerial Lift Operations are executed seamlessly, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to access elevated work areas safely. Tower Climbing is a forte, with our team trained to ascend and work on telecommunication towers with utmost safety. Additionally, we have a proven track record in Roofing and Skylight Installation, combining technical expertise and craftsmanship to deliver high-quality solutions. Choose Work at Height for unparalleled proficiency and safety in diverse work-at-height scenarios.

What kind of project

At Work at Height, we specialize in delivering expert solutions for a wide array of projects that demand precision and safety at elevated levels. Our proficiency spans high-rise construction, where our team excels in navigating complex structures to ensure seamless progress. Tower maintenance is another forte, as we undertake thorough inspections and execute necessary upgrades on telecommunication towers. For bridge inspections, our skilled professionals utilize advanced techniques to guarantee structural integrity. Additionally, we specialize in building facade inspection, repair, and renovation, offering services such as facade painting, waterproofing, sealant application, structural repair, cladding installation or repair, and the installation of safety barriers for access ledges. Choose Work at Height for your elevated projects, where safety and excellence converge.

Where to Utilize Work at Height

At Work at Height, our expertise is strategically employed in various settings, making us the ideal partner for projects requiring precision and safety at elevated levels. We excel in providing work-at-height solutions for construction sites, ensuring the seamless progress of high-rise structures. Our proficiency extends to industrial facilities, where we navigate complex environments to undertake maintenance and renovation projects with precision. Telecommunication infrastructure is another focal point, with our team trained to handle tower climbing and infrastructure upgrades. In the realm of renewable energy installations, we bring our technical skills to solar and wind projects, guaranteeing safety and excellence. Furthermore, our services extend to building maintenance projects, where we specialize in facade inspection, repair, painting, waterproofing, and structural repair. Choose Work at Height for your elevated projects, where safety and expertise converge seamlessly.

In a city marked by towering skyscrapers and complex infrastructures, work at height is not just a necessity but an integral part of many industries. From constructing the next iconic building to maintaining vital telecommunication towers, our vertical landscape demands expertise in working above ground level.

Our Commitment to Safety

At the heart of our work is a resolute commitment to safety. We understand that any fall from height can result in severe injuries or worse, and thus, safety remains our topmost priority.

Singapore’s Safety Regulations for Work at Height

Singapore boasts a robust regulatory framework, ensuring that employers adhere to stringent safety guidelines when their workers are engaged in tasks above ground. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has enacted the Workplace Safety and Health Act and subsidiary legislation, providing comprehensive regulations and guidelines to safeguard the well-being of workers involved in work at height.

Key Aspects of Singapore’s Regulatory Framework for Work at Height:

Risk Assessment: We emphasize the critical importance of conducting comprehensive risk assessments before any work at height activity. Identifying potential hazards and implementing robust control measures is the first step in ensuring safety.

Safe Work Procedures: Our platform is dedicated to promoting and sharing safe work procedures specific to work at height activities. These procedures are your roadmap to ensuring safety on the job.

Competent Personnel: Our personnel are trained in a variety of work at height skillset (scope of work).

Fall Protection: Fall protection is non-negotiable. We provide insights into the proper use of guardrails, safety nets, personal fall arrest systems, and other essential safety equipment.

Regular Inspections: Safety extends to the equipment used in work at height. Work At Height are responsible for ensuring that all gear and machinery are regularly inspected, maintained, and in optimal working condition.

Embracing Technology and Innovation

In Singapore, we don’t just rely on regulations to enhance safety. We embrace technological advancements and innovation to push the boundaries of safety and efficiency in work at height. We take all necessary precautions to ensure safety is in place during site inspections and monitoring work progress. These technologies not only improve safety but also contribute to time and cost savings.

Training and Certification

We believe in equipping our workforce with the best tools available – knowledge and skills. Our trained and certified expertise are highly trained from equipment usage to hazard recognition and emergency response. We’re committed to ensuring that every worker is well-prepared for their work at height activities.

Industry Collaboration

Safety knows no boundaries, and it’s a collective effort. Our platform encourages industry stakeholders, from employers and contractors to safety professionals, to collaborate, share best practices, and drive innovation. Together, we promote a culture of safety and continuous improvement in work at height.

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