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Rope Access Excellence

Rope Access Excellence

Rope Access Excellence

To provide Rope Access technicians as required for removal and re-installation of two sets of banners.

For the execution of the above items, this quote includes:

  • IRATA Rope Access Technicians equipped with certified safety materials, climbing tools, and equipment as required
  • Insurance & Transport included.


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  • Required Materials and equipment will be provided.
  • Estimated Completion 10 Days, Subject to weather Conditions 
  • Payment Terms: 50% Down Payment and 50% Upon Completion
  • Validity 30 days from the date of this quote
  • Safety Paperwork’s MS, RA, SWP, FPP, ERP, Name lists, and Certifications will be furnished upon confirmation.
  • The Client will coordinate all work schedules and arrangements.
  • Rigging/anchor points and access are to be carried out by the Ezzogenics
  • Rope Access team as efficiently and practically as possible.
  • Ezzogenics will not be held liable for any site delays due to site conditions such as lift delays, safety checks, and inspections, weekly or monthly safety meetings, applications for permits to work, etc.
  • Ezzogenics will not be held accountable for any external facade existing defects in glass, panels, walls, etc.

Work Duration: 9 am to 6 pm – Monday to Saturday


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